Desertshore & Mark Kozelek: “Livingstone Bramble”

Speaking of Mark Kozelek, I thought Calth would enjoy the lyrics to this track off his recent collaboration with Desertshore — wait for the chorus at 2:21. Calth, before you get your undies in a worked up, sweaty little bundle, a recent interview reveals that it’s all in jest (about halfway down the page). Either way, the faux-Cline solos after each chorus are pretty hilarious. I had no idea that a guitar could sound so sarcastic.

2 comments on “Desertshore & Mark Kozelek: “Livingstone Bramble”

  1. How dare he jest at one of my few man-crushes, had he mentioned Tom Brady I would have thrown my computer.

  2. “Songs can be like little battles for me. I hear a piece of music and I want to beat the fuck out of it with my words and voice. It is catharsis. I hear something and I size it up and deal with it.”
    Also, Marks intense

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