Between moving downtown, starting school, and quitting smoking for the thousandth time, I’ve been busy, but I’m back with some new tunes.

Been listening to this band Cheatahs a bit recently. They remind me of Swervedriver or Ride, like if the band members of each, adopted a kid and then taught that kid their respective instruments but the entire time they listened to Dinosaur Jr., I’d imagine something like Cheatahs. If I didn’t know them and someone showed them to me, I’d assume they were actually a 90s band, not a band who’s just been getting started the past couple years.

I ordered their Extended Plays vinyl from Wichita Records and they were nice enough to send me a bunch of pins and a random poster (none of them for the band Cheatahs, but appreciated) and a note that read “Chicken Ranchero Dick-Nachos” maybe every 100th order comes with cool gear and a random message?

EDIT: Just because I realized I haven’t posted since I saw My Bloody Valentine or about the concert. I am now in the possession of one of Kevin Shields’ guitar picks and it hasn’t left my person since I got it.

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  1. He somehow managed to get Kevin Shields’ guitar pick and you want to hear more about the dick-nachos? I mean, obviously we’re all intrigued by these dick-nachos and must know more, but KEVIN SHIELDS.

    Also, I like the Cheetah’s track.

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