That Song That Got You Here…

cd binder

Curious to hear which song got you guys into musik4real. You most likely heard this song in the 90’s, it most likely blew your face off, and you most likely started a huge CD collection which you carried around with you in large black CD binders (the last step was not necessary in my case). For me it was Dystopian Dream Girl*, which was probably my first favorite song of a genre that did not include the Beastie Boys or RHCP. You may not listen to this song much anymore, but it pumped its musical juice deep inside of you and left a permanent stain.


*I know what you’re thinking “How was it a song after Car”?


6 comments on “That Song That Got You Here…

  1. Fight Test, California Stars, Third Planet, 7/4 Shoreline, Free So Free

  2. I spoke words with the Bill-o’-broad. He will be posting soon. In the meantime he will be meeting up with Huxley! How much epic is that? So much epic.

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